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Safety of Teeth Whitening Methods

Safety of Teeth Whitening MethodsNo matter how good your daily dental hygiene methods are, your teeth will eventually begin to lose their brightness. This is because many of the foods we eat contain dyes that stain the tooth enamel. These include fruits and vegetables, coffee, tea, wine, and many other substances. Luckily there are now many ways to bring the brightness back to your smile.
Many people are now using home remedy methods. While these methods may work well, if done too often they can be harmful to your teeth because they present acids and other harmful substances to the sensitive tooth enamel. It is recommended to keep the use of these methods to a minimum.

Others are trying at-home products that can be bought in stores. These include whitening toothpastes, strips, and trays. These products are considered relatively safe if used as directed since they have been approved by the FDA.

More powerful whitening kits can be prescribed by a dentist and used at home. These bleaching kits and trays can be very effective since they are more powerful than those that can be bought in stores. The FDA has approved using carbamide peroxide up to 30% in home use whitening kits. The oxidizing agent converts itself into hydrogen peroxide when it reacts with saliva, which bleaches the tooth enamel.

The most effective and most powerful type of teeth whitening and bleaching methods are known as in-office procedures. These procedures include laser whitening and bleaching and must be administered by a professional. While these procedures could be harmful if administered improperly, the fact that they are done by a qualified professional makes them relatively safe.

If you wish to try more powerful at-home whitening kit or receive an in-office whitening procedure, contact our Beverly Hills teeth whitening expert today.

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