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A Healthier Lifestyle with Smile Makeovers

A Healthier Lifestyle with Smile MakeoversSmile makeovers are becoming increasingly common cosmetic dentistry procedures to help patients attain a more natural, aesthetically attractive smile. Advancements are now allowing dentists the opportunity to perform many different techniques to meet all patients’ individual goals. With a smile makeover, there are now innovative solutions to address the following multitude of patient oral health concerns:

•    Teeth Discoloration: Through the latest professional in-office teeth whitening and bleaching procedures, teeth shade can be lightened to its natural color or brightened for a brilliant white smile.

•    Discolored or Mismatched Fillings: When patients have old fillings, they can easily be replaced with new fillings that are designed to blend naturally with surrounding teeth.

•    Chipped Teeth: Patients with damaged teeth have new possibilities for teeth reshaping procedures to help make the teeth look more natural and youthful.

•    Crowded or Spaced Teeth: When patients’ teeth are too large or too small for their mouth, the shape of the teeth can be modified with porcelain veneers or dental crowns to eliminate crowded teeth or large spaces.

•    Missing Teeth: With the help of innovative dental implants and porcelain dental bridges, gaps that have resulted from missing teeth can be instantly closed to provide a natural smile.

While the patient often receives these cosmetic procedures for aesthetic reasons, our expert in teeth whitening in Beverly Hills informs that the procedures also dramatically improve overall patient health. Patients often experience healthier gum tissue, decreased plaque, lessened tooth decay or cavities, and increased motivation for maintaining good oral hygiene. Smile makeovers commonly go behind the mouth too, leading to weight loss, improved self-esteem, and boosted psychological well-being.

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